About this Calculator

This calculator is designed to be used in conjunction with the assistance of your Stirling House Adviser who will have already discussed your personal retirement plans on a one-to-one basis with you. The objective is to assess any potential Pension Fund shortfall you may have after incomes from all other sources have been taken into consideration. The calculations assume that you are a Basic Rate (20%) Taxpayer and the Standard Annuity Rates used are typical for a healthy non-smoking male.
Please note that the Calculator will not work if you are within 7 years of retirement where different arrangements may apply.


This Calculator is generic and is designed to offer information on addressing any Pension Fund Shortfall excluding any Basic State Pension, possible Defined Benefit or Aggregated Schemes, Additional Contributions (AVCs), and all other incomes to which you may be entitled.

This Calculator is not a quotation or illustration, nor does it constitute Financial Advice, but rather a guide to the approximate size of a Pension Fund needed to generate a particular income over time using industry standard Annuity Rates.